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For those of whom who have been fortunate enough to savor Al-Baik the broasted chicken along with their thom alias garlic paste only does know how a garlic paste must really taste. And am sure you guys will admit it undoubtedly. Now for those who are unheard of it here goes…Al-Baik is a fast food chain in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where their main menu was and is Broasted chicken with a combo of french fries,bun and their special garlic dip. They started with these but now they have many different  items which also include seafood. (For more info:
As I have spent my childhood in Jeddah , this was among the first choice of my family’s weekend dinners. This was the same with  almost all of the residents of Jeddah as far as am aware of. After settling in our home country we visited Jeddah often on our vacations and I dare say my only purpose of visit was to relish Al- Baik. While returning we used to carry some back home too…:)

Now being in U.A.E, I really miss Al-Baik. However,a few months back i had the oppurtunity to have it as my father on the way from Jeddah to home had stopped by me here in U.A.E  for a few days to spend some time with me and my little one.And guess what he had brought a pack or two of Al -Baik. Though the lack of freshness of the chicken had affected its original taste, the toum /garlic paste tasted the same as it is kept chilled. From then on I have been on the quest of a good recipe of toum/garlic paste. Yet not accomplished but for my poor siblings (for now their taste buds which have quite forgotten the original Al -Baik toum), my recipe is the Al- Baik toum/garlic paste. So here goes my recipe and I accent that it is no way going to taste like our favourite authentic Al-Baik toum.
This is great with grills, barbeques, fried or broasted chicken also it can go well as a dip for fries or just with plain pitas.
Here the recipe calls for fresh garlic (am a great fan of garlic, I add garlic paste into plain yoghurt if i have nothing else to compliment with garlic among the side dishes during a meal time.) so I am warning you off to remain mouth shut for a few hours after consumption to save others from that fumy garlicky odour. 


Fresh Garlic paste: 1-2 tsp
Juice of two lime
Canola oil ( any vegetable oil will do)-2tbsp
Boiled & peeled potato- 1 medium size
Cheese triangles-1(I used the Almarai brand)
Milk powder-1 tbsp (optional)

  • Blend the garlic paste and potato into a fine thick paste.
  • Add lime juice and oil alternatively while blending again.
  • Finally add the cheese triangle,salt,milk powder and blend well.
  • Adjust the salt and pour into a bowl.
  • Chill it covered before use for best results.It thickens and sets on chilling.


  • Those who do not like so much garlicky flavor in their paste can reduce the amount of fresh garlic paste and replace with paste made of boiled garlic.You can boil it along with potatoes and then add it to the blender while doing the first step.
  • Cream cheese can be used instead of cheese triangles.


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