Muhallabia-A Classic Middle Eastern Dessert

Milk: 1/2 litre
Fine Rice flour: 2tbsp
Corn flour: 2tbsp
Sugar: 6tbsp
Salt: a pinch
Orange Blossom Water: 2tbsp

Blend the rice flour and corn flour in a cup of milk until smooth.
Meanwhile boil the remaining milk with sugar and salt
When the milk starts boiling lower the flame and pour the flour-milk mix into it stirring continuously.
Once it starts thickening add the Orange Blossom Water and simmer for a while or until cooked.
Now pour it into the serving dishes immediately and once cooled refrigerate.
Serve garnished with pistachios or almonds.


  • Instead of rice flour you can completely substitute corn flour.
  • When using rice flour you have to see that its well cooked as it may have a raw taste if not done so.

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