Caramel sauce

Caramel sauce can compliment a variety of desserts.It can be used as pancake topping, with icecreams,the applications are infinte.Or it can be used as such for a dessert if you have a sweet-tooth like me 😉

Sugar-1 C
Butter-2 tbsp
Heavy cream-3/4 C
Water-1/4 C
Vanilla extract-1 tsp

Caramel sauce poured on butterscotch pudding


In a Nonstick pan,add in the sugar and water and heat on medium flame.
Keep swirling the pan to dissolve the sugar.
Heat until it turns amber/light golden colour. Now add the butter and heat until it melts.
Now add the cream and remove from heat.Keep stirring.Finally add the vanilla extract .
The caramel is ready now.Pour it into a heat proof jar or container for storing.

Dont wait once after the sugar is amber colour.The more it caramelizes or browns the more bitter your caramel can be.So be quick with your tasks.Keep everything ready before you begin.

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