Plantain/Nenthrapazham Halwa

This recipe is for just one serving or hardly for two.You can double the ingredients with the no. of plantains you choose to use.And I assure you, once you succeed with this then you won’t even dare to look at those displayed at the shops… So here you go..

Plantain-1 ripe
Sugar-4 tbsp
Water- 1tbsp
Ghee-1 tbsp
All purpose flour (Maida)-1 tsp
Water-2-3 tsp
Cardamom powder-a pinch
Cashewnuts toasted in ghee-1/2 tbsp

Grease a small plate with ghee and keep aside.
Make a smooth paste out of maida and water and keep aside.
Peel and chop the plantain into tiny pieces.Keep aside.
Take the water and sugar in a non stick pan and boil until the sugar dissolves.
Once the sugar dissolves add the chopped plantains and simmer.Keep on stirring,once the plantains are soft gently mash it with the back of your spoon.
When it thickens add in the maida paste and stir well.
Now start adding the ghee little by little.
Once it has formed a lump(this is going to take a couple of minutes) and is leaving the sides of the pan, add the cardamom powder and the cashews and mix well.
Now pour to the greased plate and cool.
Once cooled, cut into desired shapes and serve.

You can also add ghee fried coconut pieces along with the cashewnuts.
With practice you can leave out the maida paste from the recipe.Maida is added to assure it will thicken but when you get the knack of the technique you can just leave it out.

Recipe idea adapted from:

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