A Rose cake….


               Have been wanting to make a Rose cake ever since I saw it here.When an occasion arrived I didn’t stop to think twice and made one.But did not come out as I expected.The open star tip was a bit smaller than what I should have used and my warm hands are no good for a piping bag…The icing could not stand it for longer and what, I had to go on chilling the piping bag in between the swirling…Anyway ended up with a cake that was pretty enough to please my dear partner and of course my little toddler. Luckily had made some Red velvet cupcakes which helped us to ignore the imperfections on the rose cake as it turned out to be a hit….

The Rose cake was a Basic Vanilla Chiffon cake with Creme patisserie filling and Swiss meringue butter cream frosting.The Swiss meringue butter cream was in two flavours one vanilla and the other chocolate with a coffee kick.

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