Marshmallow fondant.

Mini marshmallows-4 Cup or 500gm
Icing sugar-4-5 Cup (u may not need all juz have it in handy)
Glycerine- A few drops (optional)
Crisco or Butter-1 cup
Gel colour of your choice- a few drops
Any extract like vanilla or almond-1 tsp

  • Melt the marshmallows in a bowl greased with crisco or butter adding about 2 tbsp of water placing the bowl over boiling water or in a microwave.Stir in the flavour extracts of your choice.
  • Once no more lumps, make a well in the centre add sugar little by little and stir to make a sticky lump..
  • Next is the tiring step..kneading…grease the work top and your hands with butter/crisco..then transfer the contents of the bowl to the prepared surface and knead by adding sugar part by part until you get a soft and  pliable dough .Be generous with butter/crisco go on using it on your hands in between kneading process.
  • I check my dough consistency by taking a small amount and would roll it as I would do to make the cake covering..And take it and see if its too stretchy or if its too stiff and breaking..The consistency should be in the middle of these two.
  • Once the dough is ready add colour of your choice.Just a few drops will be enough.
  • While covering the cake if  cracks appear just apply some butter to mask it..
  • Also keep a pin in handy for while you roll the dough you will encounter with some tiny air bubbles which can be burst off softly with the fine pin tip.This dough will stay fresh long in fridge enough for a month in plastic wrap.While you work with portions just keep the remaining covered.


I didn’t have gel colour so used liquid colour which is not recommended as liquid colour may loosen the dough consistency.
I used it by adding it with a toothpick dipped in the color or mix it into few drops of gelatin and then knead into the dough.

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