Ramadan Mubarak

 Ramadan Mubarak to all my dear friends….. May the Almighty bless us to make the most out of this month. Aameen…

Ramadan, our most favourite month of the year has approached us. The month is special to us in a number of ways.The spiritual importance of the month is of course the foremost one. It is the month of kindness and forgiveness. The month do brings our souls some tranquility. A month were family and friends gather at Iftar (meal at sunset when you break your fast) and takes part in congregational prayers together. A month devoted completely to cleanse our souls and transform ourselves into better human beings.
                        The month also has its share in contributing to a better healthier physical self apart from its spiritual side. The month if utilized wisely can also help in cleansing your body as it can help with your souls. Healthier diet options can be adapted. Occasionally you can have your favourite guilt foods though. The only main meals being Suhoor (the early morning meal just before sunrise with which the fast starts) and Iftar ,you can make it lighter but nutrient rich with the addition of plenty of healthy liquid options to keep yourself hydrated.

I would also love to share a compilation of recipes that you can find helpful at times when you are clueless as what to prepare for your Iftar. This comes from the Muslimah Bloggers Community which include recipes from different parts of the world. One of my recipe is a part of it.

Also lastly I would love to remind my dear friends to limit your time spend in cooking different varieties of food to concentrate in the spiritual side of this blessed month. Like I said earlier, adopting lighter and healthier options not only save your body but a lot of valuable time too. And yes you can treat yourself once in a while which can keep your spirits up, but remember I said ‘once in a while‘ 🙂


30 Recipes for 30 Days of Ramadan

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