Fried Bananas/Plantains

An easy recipe for fussy eaters.This is my toddler’s favorite on her breakfast menu.The sprinkled sugar is what that attracts her to this dish.So this is what I always end up making when I have time constraints or on lazy weekend breakfasts for my kiddo….

Plantain/Banana-1 large ripened
Butter/Ghee-2 tbsp
Sugar-1 tbsp

Slice the plantain/banana into thin circles.
Heat a nonstick pan and add the butter/ghee.
When melted add the bananas and fry on medium heat.
Flip over the slices until the edges get caramelized.
Serve warm on a plate with the sugar sprinkled evenly.

Plantains are that commonly used for this purpose in our native.Bananas and plantain have their own distinctive tastes but both suits to the purpose. 
Ghee is originally used but butter suits well and helps in better and faster caramelization of the sugars in bananas.
Shredded coconut is something that is commonly used to garnish these.


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