I am the author of this blog.You can call me Kenz, my most used nickname. My first name is Khansa. I am wife to an awesome husband and mom to three princesses. I am an Indian, born in Kerala, but have led an expat life since childhood and still leading one.
I am a self taught baker & cook. I am also a dessert enthusiast. If I were stranded in an island I would survive just on desserts. Yes I have a terrible sweet tooth. I started baking cakes, cookies and making desserts since I was ten. I developed interest in cooking foods other than desserts and baking, only after I got married and had no option but to cook rather than surviving on takeouts. But gradually started to love cooking food just like making cakes and desserts. Thanks to my foodie hubby for the constant support and encouragement. For the basic day to day native food cooking, my first guru was my hubby (Yes, he is a fabulous cook and am a great fan of his Biriyani). And I had a small notebook where I had jotted down basic recipes from my mom before I left home after marriage. Now I have heaps of cooking/baking books that I buy whenever I come across one. I am a bookworm, now food being a passion food related books are too an obsession.
 Why a Blog?

I left home and started a new home of our own far away from home. I spent my time mostly browsing the web looking for new recipes through various food sites and was fascinated with the world of food that was online, the pictures and the beautiful recipes. Soon I too fell in love with the concept of food blog. And it was just after my first one was born , I started this blog. It was just for the fun of having one of my own where I can jot down the recipes I have developed my own or that ones I have tried and tested. That is how this blog was born with the name – A Novice’s Cuisine. As I was a complete novice then. Now very recently we gave the blog a new look, changed the name to Kenzcuisine and bought my first ever domain, kenzcuisine.com.
The Blog Journey

Though I started the blog since long (2010) I was not that much into it as I should have been. I started this just as I entered motherhood, so there have been long intervals between posts. Most of my blog readers are my family and friends. As motherhood and my higher studies topped my priorities for a while, my passion to cook & blog took a backseat. Now as I resume blogging again, I believe I can do justice to my blog Insha Allah.
Photograph and Recipe Credits

All the photos found here are taken by me. I am no expert in photography so you can expect that level of pictures here. Initially I used a bridge point and shoot camera later switched to a DSLR. I do love to develop my photography skills, maybe someday Insha Allah.
Recipes found here are from my family, friends, from some cookbooks, TV shows, other food sites and some developed by myself. I do make sure I give credits if the recipe is from someone else.

Thank you for taking your time and visiting my space here.