Rice-2 C
Cooked rice-2 C
Coconut shredded-1 C
Semolina/Rava-1 C
Sugar- 1 tbsp
Salt-1 tsp

Wash and soak the rice in water, preferably overnight.
Grind the rice into fine smooth thick paste in a mixer grinder.
Grind again adding the cooked rice and the semolina.
Finally add the coconut,sugar and salt,grind into thick but runny batter adding enough water.
Let it sit for 5-6 hrs or overnight in a warm corner of your kitchen.
Once the batter is ready(it wont rise as much as a dosa batter),Heat a non-stick tawa on medium flame and pour a ladleful into the centre as you do with regular pancakes.It would spread on its own to form a circle.The batter if too thin,this cannot be achieved and if too thick you can loosen it up adding warm water little by little.(Grease your tawa if not non-stick)
When bubbles starts to appear on the surface,cover with a lid,remove the lid after 10-15 secs and cook for a few more mins or until done.
Serve hot with Spicy Chicken curry or vegetable stew.

Remember to keep the pan on medium heat.Too low or too high flame isn’t good for this one.
Traditionally this is prepared in clay ware on top of a firewood stove which gives it a special taste which is least acquired on a gas stove in a nonstick pan.Its also crispier that way.
Semolina/Rava is not a part of actual traditional recipe.I do make omitting it at times,but i think it do add some richness to the ottada.
When you grind, make the batter thick as possible because you can always loosen it adding water than being stuck up with a very loose batter.

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